Hi, I am Kristin and after dealing with about a number of different $50 blenders, each lasting a lot less than 12 months, I decided to jump the gun and get a high performance blender and end my kitchen woes once and for all.                

my blendtec

Buying a high performance blender is not like buying a thrifty vegetable peeler. Since this involves considerable investment, it is better to choose the best blender for your money. 

The parameters to be considered are not the same for everyone, so you have to give more importance to certain criteria (look at the comparison chart below) and forget those which are less important for the device to meet your needs. 

Here’s a real time performance overview before I move onto the comparison review.


I will try to isolate the most relevant criteria in general but as a buyer consider those factors which are important to you. 

If you want to achieve professional results in a very short time and with little effort, a high quality blender is essential. The interest then turns to the best international blenders –  Vitamix 5200 and Blendtec. The raw food scene has long been dominated by the Vitamix, but Blendtec challenges its dominance now. In the following article, I will stack the Blendtec blender vs Vitamix.

The mixer, which I would like to point out here is the Blendtec Total Blender. Blendtec is gaining popularity among Americans lately. It can be found in kitchens all over US.

Blendtec and Vitamix are the devices compared in this review. Both are excellent devices that mutually excel each other in some areas, because as such, none of the blenders is perfect.


blendtec vs vitamix comparison
Vitamix is a lot bigger than Blendtec as seen in the picture above. Height of Vitamix is 20.5 inches whereas Blendtec is 15.5 inches. For this reason, the Vitamix may not fit in your kitchen cabinet. For smaller spaces, the Blendtec is very advantageous. 

Even for frequent travelers with equipment and private baggage, Blendtec is certainly the device of choice.

Blendtec also offers a blender that can be built into the counter to save even more space, by cons it is much more expensive.

Weighing 1.5 kg and having smaller dimensions, Blendtec occupies less space.


blendtec blender jar

Blendtec Total Blender and the Vitamis both have a capacity of 64 ounces.

With the Vitamix container, you need to handle wet or dry mixture, the Blendtec is well-prepared with its container. This not only saves space in the kitchen, but also some money in your wallet. Both jars are made ​​of copolyester without BPA .

Blendtec does not have this problem. As seen in the picture above, the handle of the Blendtec jar is more ergonomic and offers a comfortable grip making it convenient to move heavy container when full.

Blendtec’s jar is much more ergonomic and compact. 

Additional Blender Jar

vitamix blender jar

Vitamix also offers a more compact model jar with blade for dry ingredients that can be purchased separately. I use the large container very well with everything.

Only when permanently less than 350 ml mixture to be processed, there would be worthwhile to buy an additional small container. I do not recommend it, because even in small quantities with the big jar, better results are achieved (eg, finer, more uniform smoothies).

This jar is not essential, you can do anything with the base jar, it is simply a specialized additional option. Blendtec does not offer a specialized jar.


blendtec functions

The Blendtec can operate in automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode has 6 different pre-programmed cycles activated by the push of a button. Each cycle varies its speed and stops automatically after the specified period. For example the cycle for milkshakes is: 15 seconds on low speed 10 seconds at medium speed and 10 seconds at low speed.

Manual mode lets you change the speed using the arrows; 10 speeds are possible. In manual mode the unit stops automatically after 50 seconds of a shift.

vitamix functions

Fully Manual, the Vitamix gives you total control over the behavior of the unit with speed switches and variables. You must remain close to the unit to manually stop but for less than a minute, this is not a problem.

blendtec functions and settings

Tip – Before starting the device it is prudent to ensure that the speed is set at the lowest setting.  This kind of surprise does not occur with the Blendtec which always starts at low speed.

Blendtec is easier to use with pre-programmed cycles.

Overheating Protection

While the old Vitamix had no overheating protection and begins to smell if it was used dry for too long. However, the overheating protection comes with each new blender now. But the device should generally not exceed 90 seconds use with little or no liquid. The Blendtec also has an overheat protection, but it needs it less frequently.

The results with dry mixture are much better and faster done in Blendtec than with the Vitamix. Both devices generate heat generally only if they are used incorrectly.


vitamix 7500 motor

To determine the strength of an electric motor the formula is simple:  1 horsepower equals 746 watts , so HP = Watts / 746 or  HP = Voltage x Amperage / 746.

Each manufacturer of electrical appliance must indicate the engine power on the device, either in watts or amps. You can use either of the above-formulas according to the information provided on the device.

Vitamix – 120 Volts * 11.5 amp / 746 = 1.85 HP 

Blendtec – 120 volt * 13 amp / 746 = 2.09 HP

The actual difference in power between the two machines is approximately 11.5%.

Blendtec is more powerful than its counterpart Vitamix.

The Real Truth about Power

HP refers to the motor power (horsepower horsepower or French). The problem is that this detail is very bad for diffrentiating between high level blenders like these, here’s why – the figures are wrong and all the appliances are way more powerful than necessary.

To compare, a lot of electric lawnmowers emit a power of 2 HP with a 19-inch blade. Do you really need a lawnmower in the kitchen? 

I use Vitamix intensively at home for over a year and I’ve never felt like it’s running out of power inspite of nut butters, ice, frozen fruits, whole vegetables I blend.

Blendtec also markets a mixer with 4 HP – the Blendtec Signature Blender. This is used in the advertising campaign ‘Will it blend?’ to dazzle the eyes by using it to destroy electronics, tires, plastic toys and other objects that do not belong in a blender. This one is sold for over $ 1,000.

When you shop, compare the 2 mixers on the motor force can deflect the attention that should be given to more important features.

The necessary space, the cost of replacing the jars, efficiency, durability and noise levels are the most important considerations to take full advantage of the device.


The cross-shaped cutting blade of the Vitamix container ensures the fruits and veggies get blended perfectly. It also ensures good smoothness of the mixtures. Smoothie must then be poured onto water and the resulting concoction be drunk in order not to waste the valuable contents and nutrients.  More importantly, however, it is the diameter of the container that copes with the planned mixture. 

Blendtec surprisingly finishes blending the smoothie much quicker than Vitamix though!

Vitamix always does an amazing job with raw food and smoothies.


vitamix tamper

The tamper is a plastic device that goes on in the opening of the jar provided to push contents onto the blade. Blendtec does not provide a tamper on the grounds that the design of their blade and their jug would make it unnecessary. Yet for some uses such as making nut butter, you need something to push  the contents towards the blade to get a consistent blend.

Vitamix provides a tamper with all its designs which makes it a go to choice for raw food enthusiasts. 


vitamix vs blendtec-compressed

Both devices are noisy. Especially if you use their turbo functions. The Blendtec produces much more louder sounds. But you can simply select a different program with it, and it gets right back to a normal sound range.

An important advantage of the Vitamix is ​​that even in slow speeds and thus can work quietly with it, whereas the Blendtec always the has had the same switches to higher revolutions and a high volume.

The program selection is an essential difference between Blendtec and Vitamix. Reading programs, Vitamix users will certainly be surprised, but the Vitamix has only an on-off switch, a setting wheel for speed and a turbo button.

In my opinion, the Vitamix is ​​still less noisy than the Blendtec.


vitamix 5200-compressed

The Vitamix is ​​a more expensive than the Blendtec. Prices vary from one vendor to another but there are differences of 6% to 18% between the two blenders. For example in Canada, for basic sets, the Vitamix sells for $579 while the Blendtec is $545, a difference of $34 (6%).

But the best deals on both Vitamix and Blendtec are provided by Amazon with free shipping and discounts.

Blendtec costs $399.99 whereas Vitamix costs $449.00. 

Blendtec vs Vitamix Comparison Chart 

 Device  Blendtec Total Blender  Vitamix 5200
 Motor  1380 watts  1560 watts
 Blade  2 pronged  4 pronged
 RPM (Revolutions per minute) range  28,000  37,000
 Height  15.5 inches  20.5 inches
 Jars  BPA-free quart Twister jar  BPA-free 64 oz, 48 oz or 32 oz.
 Capacity  64-96 oz  32-64 oz
 Warranty  7 years   7 years
 Dimensions  190 x 205 x 395 mm  222 x 185 x 520 mm
 Noise  Sound generally aggressive  Relatively Less Noisy
 Size  Small  Relatively large
 Founded  1991  1921
 Price  $399.99 (33% DISCOUNT + FREE SHIPPING)  $449.00 ( 18% DISCOUNT + FREE SHIPPING)

Differences between Blendtec and Vitamix

blendtec all in one blender

  • In short, the two blenders have the same power, the basic Blendtec being only slightly more powerful (1/4 HP) than the Vitamix . The real differences lie in the details and responsibility of personal preference: the Vitamix has a push that is useful for some recipes, but you can fit Blendtec more easily under a cabinet.
  • Vitamix has manual controls while Blendtec has in addition to the pre-programmed cycles.
  • One thing is certain, the Vitamix 5200 and the Blendtec Total Blender are both powerful enough to make any recipe, raw or cooked unless you want to liquefy an iPhone or a bottle of Old Spic ! In this case, the Extreme Blender Blendtec is all you need, but this model is a lot more expensive than the basic model!
  • Blendtec looks attractive, modern and compact while the Vitamix is big, looks more industrial and professional.

Blendtec vs Vitamix – Who wins?

The Blendtec is the clear winner here – it is cheap, high performance and blends anything and everything really well. It offers a lot more choice, which is good for many users. By pressing the Pulse switch or one or two other switches, you can mix or grind almost anything.


Check out Blendtec on Amazon

There are 4 basic programs for smoothies, soups, ice cream and for the feast (for grinding seeds and cereals and, for instance, a very full container with many big, heavy carrot pieces with little water, which could not be processed in the Vitamix). It also has another 25 programs, whose name can be read on the blue illuminated display.

If you want an all-rounder blender, go with the Blendtec. If you want a dedicated raw food blender, get yourself the Vitamix!

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