I am often asked which blender is best for making smoothies. Honestly, for choosing the best blender, we need to consider many things and some blenders are certainly better than others.

Selection of devices is large, and these in turn have very special properties. In the end, it comes down to finding the blender that suits your personal needs. The most important points are presented here, which are to be considered in the selection.

Why do you need a blender?

Blender embodies a product that people treat in an unimportant way. Owing to the suitability of a blender for preparing green smoothies, some people still use a low performance kitchen mixer.

From personal experience, I can say that the purchase of a high-performance mixer is worth every penny. A professional mixer opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of smoothie preparation. I have therefore decided to work out the benefits of the best blender.

Especially as the professional devices are quite affordable, here I will discuss what to look for in a blender.

Features to be considered

You are looking for a blender for smoothies, that is, a device you want to use specifically for the production of pure fruit and vegetable smoothies. Then you should know what to look for when buying the right smoothie blender.

In this guide I will give you a compact overview and tell you what is important. Here are the most important factors when buying a blender for smoothies.

#1 Budget – the price is of importance

Unfortunately, it starts directly with the price. It makes little sense to commit to the most powerful blender when you can not afford or do not want to buy. In general, a good blender can be bought for $70, but it is also easily possible to spend more than $700. Here is a brief overview of each blender in different price ranges.

Best Smoothie Blenders Under $100

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)




Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System



High End Smoothie Blenders

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender



Blendtec Total Blender


In principle, a more expensive blender usually better, ie. more powerful and is high quality as compared to a cheaper blender. However, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons before buying the smoothie blender of your choice.

#2 Performance

The performance is important. To get fiber and cellulose-rich material crushed, high amount of power is required. Blenders usually have 350 to 550 watts, high performance and professional blenders can go up to 1000-1800 watts. So pay attention to the watt information when buying your blender for smoothies.

The rotational speed is an indicator of performance. But keep in mind that the given values ​​are those published describing the theoretical speed, so if the mixer is running at idle state, ie without fruits and vegetables.

#3 Material

Blender and jar should be easy to clean and should not contain neither the smell nor the color of ingredients that are blended. For maintaining optimal health therefore a jug of hard glass is preferred.

The blender itself should be ideally made of stainless steel. This is handy, hygienic and looks high quality.

#4 Capacity/Volume

Make sure that capacity of the blender jug suits your needs. This is expressed in liters, ranging from 0.5l to large quantities from 2l. The volume 2l is suitable for professional kitchens but also if you provide your family with smoothies.

Remember bigger is not necessarily better. When the jug is designed above all, for large quantities, it may under certain circumstances cause problems when containing only little amount of ingredients. This will not be achieved with jar’s blade.

So if you mix usually alone or for two people, select a smaller sized blender or one with a smaller jar as an accessory.

#5 Cleaning and Handling

Just as often as you mix, you have to – for better or worse – clean the device and the mixing bowl also. Just think how much time you would spend for cleaning if you use the blender for smoothies every day.

If this takes too long, it will quickly become annoying. Therefore, pay attention to the information for cleaning the mixer.

For hygienic reasons, you must be able to reach the knife when cleaning well. Ideally, the individual parts of the smoothie blender can be removed quickly and without effort and cleaned separately. Only then you will increase the shelf life of your device.

Even if the jug is cleaned in the dishwasher – a wash every now and then provides in-depth cleaning.

#6 Sturdiness

Check that the device has a firm stand, and – if there are children in your household – make sure appropriate security mechanisms are installed.

#7 Versatility

If you invest in a high performance smoothie blender, you would like to use the device not only for preparing green smoothies but for other purposes as well. A high-performance smoothie blender can usually perform a number of tasks apart from making smoothies.

All these features prove feasible in the long run. For more specialized applications, such as cereals, handling larger amounts of wild herbs, there are then other auxiliary/accessory containers available.

In this regard, there is only one blender that is the best: Vitamix. For Vitamix, wet and dry containers are available that fit on different blocks and thus provide greater flexibility.

#8 Size

In some kitchens, a large blender doesn’t simply get enough space. At a height of about 52 centimeters, the mixer can not always be well accommodated. Two great alternatives here are

  • Blendtec Total Blender
  • NutriBullet Pr0 900

These unobtrusive devices are very short and should find a place in every kitchen.

#9 Color and Design

And last but not least probably also the design will play a role. Though this is not a concern in the performance area, but some people want to go the extra mile.

For instance, Vitamix and Blendtec offer similar core performance parameters, are pretty much the same size and so on.

However, the question of personal taste comes into play here. The Vitamix is ​​rather “Retro” while the Blendtec is very modern and stylish.

#10 Value For Money

Not every person can afford a blender above $400. But there are other smoothie mixers available in the market that offer great performance and value for money. Who is willing to accept certain reductions in purchase, for significantly less money they can still purchase an absolutely outstanding mixer.

Here are certain mixers that offer great value for money…

  • Ninja Professional Blender
  • Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900

For a long time this segment was relatively empty. But now manufacturers like Ninja and Magic Bullet are increasingly producing budget mixers and blenders. I have already used these high-performance blenders countless times and can highly recommend them.

While the Ninja blender costs $70, it is now a popular and cheaper alternative to Vitamix.


Pay attention to the manufacturers specifications and on reviews and tests. Each blender for smoothies has certain peculiarities in features or accessories. If you have found and examined the most important factors, these features can make the difference. Here are a few examples of different features:

  • Lid with filler hole
  • Functions and programs
  • Volume
  • Manufacturer Warranties

How to Make Smoothies in a Blender

Advantages of Blenders over Juicers

Higher Endurance

Chlorophyll, depending on the variety of vegetables, contains extremely tough fibers that quickly brings a smoothie blender to its limits.

Appliances are considered sensitive, depending on the recipe, smoothie preparation can cause motor damage. A high power blender has no difficulties with this burden.

Proper Shredding of Green Leaves

The preparation is of smoothies is carried out in a blender due to its power.

Its task is to break the fibers of chlorophyll and thus make the nutrients more digestible. Significantly higher speed (30,000 revolutions per minute and even more) makes the difference here. This feature is lacking in juicers.

Consistency and Taste

The high speed has an effect on crushing of the ingredients and thus consistency and taste of smoothies. Some people do not initially believe this, it is best, of course, to taste the difference for yourself.


Also level of comfort is not to be underestimated. Preparing smoothies in an average blender takes eternity while preparing smoothies in a high performance blender like Blendtec is very quick and the result is a delicious, rich and creamy smoothie.

The preparation with the high performance mixer is a breeze. Within a short time, a large amount of smoothie is reliably prepared.


A high-performance blender can not only make smoothies, but still perform many other tasks.

If you want, for example, make almond/cashew milkshakes or crush grain. There are a plethora of other tasks, that your device can carry out with ease. This is not possible even with a high end juicer.

Vitamix 5200 – Best Smoothie Blender

No question, the high-performance devices from Vitamix 5200 have such a good reputation. These devices are used by professional chefs also.

In no time, green smoothies can be prepared with excellent consistency. However, this quality comes at a price. Those looking for first-class high performance blender, the Vitamix blends your smoothies just about right.

Still can’t decide.. Ask me 🙂

Just leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer all your questions. I will advise you gladly, I know blenders quite well and will recommend one according to your personal interests. It would be ridiculous if I do not help you finding the best smoothie mixer for you, LOL!

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